Finance Committee

Manages Legacy’s Operational Funds
L/Chris McGeoch (Chairman & Board Member), L/Ken Fahey, L/Peter Bruce, L/Jenny Cox.

All Board members are ex-officio members of the Finance Committee.

Housing Committee

Oversees the Legacy Properties & Facilities in Port Macquarie, Laurieton & Wauchope.
L/Barry Coops (Chairman & Board Member)

Personnel Committee

Sources and coordinates the activities of Legatees and volunteers, including posting Legatees to their various Committees.
L/Chris McGeoch (Chairman & Board Member), L/Ken Fahey, L/Alice Hamilton, L/Bob Gordon, L/Jenny Cox, L/Shirley McIntyre.

Welfare Committee

Monitors the development, planning and delivery of Local Legacy Support Services.
L/Alf Smith (Chairman & Board Member), L/Peter Bruce, L/Alice Hamilton, L/Ken Fahey, L/Sue Strudwick, L/Kerry Thomson, L/Ken Von Harten, L/Paul Fenner, L/Peter Moore, L/Graham Williams.